2022 Research Group Assignments

Please note that group assignments are subject to change. Check with conference personnel to get the most up to date information.

Last updated 4/3/2022

Group 1: Franklin A

NameInstitutionProject Title
Brad Sobolewski, MDCincinnati Children’s 
Michelle Green, MD (fellow)Nationwide Children’s 
Abe, KeisukeUniversity of New MexicoSingle vs. double tourniquet for venous dimensions
Chowdhury, NabilaJohns HopkinsMore than just words: language patterns indicative of unrecognized shock in children undergoing inter-hospital transfer
Drone, EmilyArnold Palmer Hospital for ChildrenEnd tidal C02 as predictor of morbidity and mortality in pediatric trauma
Levkowitz, EilanChildren’s Hospital of GeorgiaOptimizing triage: Assessing age-adjusted shock index as an adjunct to improve emergency severity index mis-triage
Mouzon, AurielOrlando HealthThe ese of viscous lidocaine with G-tube insertion in the pediatric ED
Howard, LaurenArkansas Children’s HospitalEarly zofran administration and length of stay in the Pediatric Emergency Department
Shieh, AndrewUniversity of MichiganRisk factors for pediatric epistaxis requiring invasive management in the ED
Vrablik, LaurenHasbro Children’s HospitalEvaluating Impacts of PPE on ED communication and strategies to mitigate them
Young, AnnBoston Children’s HospitalPredictors of delayed diagnosis of pediatric CNS tumors in the ED

Group 2: Franklin B

NameInstitutionProject Title
Julia Lloyd, MD


Toni Gross, MD

Nationwide Children’s


New Orleans Children’s

Kokoska, LindsayLe Bonheur Children’sA descriptive analysis:  Infants presenting to the Pediatric ED with a brief resolved unexplained event (BRUE)
Kotler, HannahChildren’s National HospitalProvider variability in the workup of well appearing febrile infants 29-60 days
Lee, JulyChildren’s Hospital, Los AngelesImpact of suctioning in the management of acute viral bronchiolitis
Masoom, SaamiaTexas Children’s HospitalComparing demographics and clinical outcomes for RSV cases diagnosed in the ED in children under 5 years old before and during the COVID-19 pandemic
Mervak, ColinDell Children’s Medical CenterEffect of home nebulized albuterol vs. supportive care on unscheduled revisits in infants with viral bronchiolitis
Miller, ChristopherChildren’s Hospital of PhiladelphiaNon-invasive ventilation for bronchiolitis
Smith, JaronUT Southwestern Medical CenterAssessment of disease severity in acute bronchiolitis using lung ultrasound and clinical variables
Smith, Sarah ElizabethVirginia Commonwealth UniversityThe Effect of Covid-19 on the severity of bronchiolitis
Zhang, AlbertRiley Hospital for ChildrenCaregivers’ experience of bronchiolitis explanations in the pediatric ED:  A phenomenological interview study

Group 3: Franklin C

NameInstitutionProject Title
Maya Iyer, MD


Ron Paul, MD

Nationwide Children’s


Louisville Children’s

Alayari, AmethystChildren’s Hospital of ColoradoInvestigating the operational impact of the ongoing behavioral health crisis on the pediatric ED during the COVID-19 pandemic
Appenteng, RoselynJohns HopkinsPositive social needs screening as a predictor of ED return visits for low acuity illness
Assaf, RammyHarbor UCLA Medical CtrBest practices in addressing health-telated social needs in the pediatric ED:  Patient and family preferences
Joshi, PriyankaChildren’s Hospital of PhiladelphiaFresh Start:  Improving food benefit utilization among WIC-eligible families
Lennon, TylerAnn & Robert H. Lurie Children’s HospitalSafer together coalition:  A prospective study investigating correlates of community violence
Mehta, SagarChildren’s Healthcare of AtlantaGeomapping local asthma outcomes disparities
Mehta, SoniaUCSF Benioff’s Children’s HospitalAssessing health barriers and health needs of the newcomer population in the Oakland unified school district
Monroy, AlexaChildren’s Hospital Los AngelesGeospatial mapping of unintentional pediatric trauma and opportunity indices in Los Angeles county
Patel, AnikChildren’s Mercy HospitalPatient attitudes, perceptions, knowledge and beliefs regarding immigration status in the healthcare setting
Reyes, NatalieArnold Palmer Hospital for ChildrenDoes teaching about constipation in the ED environment help parents understand more about it and reduce bounce back?

Group 4: Franklin D

NameInstitutionProject Title
Julie Leonard, MD


Elizabeth Sanseau, MD MS (fellow)

Nationwide Children’s


Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Akhouri, RohanChildren’s Mercy HospitalTeach back in the ED setting for non-English speakers
Cheetham, AlexandraCincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical CenterEvaluating EMS to ED provider hand-off using video review and provider surveys
Cohen, ErikaLe Bonheur Children’s HospitalThe economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on pediatric preventable injury
Irizarry, NicoleKings County HospitalReducing routine pre-op blood Typing and coagulopathy screening in otherwise healthy surgical pediatric patients undergoing urgent/emergent surgery from the pediatric ED
Kerolle, SarahjeanTexas Children’s HospitalRacial and ethnic differences in ED analgesia among injured children transported via EMS
Landholm, DainSt. Christopher’s Hospital for  ChildrenTreatment of constipation and time to disposition
Mohamed, MasoumaInova LJ Murphy Pediatric HospitalEMS utilization by pediatric population in Fairfax county:  needs assessment
Nebhrajani, JasmineKings County/SUNY DownstateAssessing the need for adjacent X-rays in ankle fractures in the pediatric ED
Squires, RyanIndiana UniversityEvaluating time to placement of c-collar in children pre and post standardized protocol in community EDs

Group 5: Harding

NameInstitutionProject Title
Lalit Bajaj, MD


Delia Gold, MD

Denver Chlldren’s


Nationwide Children’s

Baba, TaketoArnold Palmer Hospital for ChildrenB-lines on point-of-care chest ultrasound are associated with clinical outcomes in pediatric submersion patients
Brennan, AlisaUniversity of ChicagoThe diagnostic accuracy of pocket size ultrasound (PsUS) in the detection of pediatric elbow fractures
Brookman, MaxUniversity of OklahomaTBD
Hasan, AhmedNew York PresbyterianPoint of care Echo in HOCM study
Hoffmann, RobertBoston Children’s HospitalLung ultrasound in the evaluation of asthma exacerbation in children and adolescents
Magloire, VictoriaUniversity of LouisvilleHandheld ultrasound use in the pediatric ED
Patel, KaleenaChildren’s Hospital of PhiladelphiaDoes matching staffing to predicted workload result in improved efficiency and patient outcomes?
Ravi, NithinChildren’s Hospital of ColoradoUsing point-of-care ultrasound to assess correct G-tube placement
Wadih, EsperUniversity of LouisvilleUsing ultrasound to teach LPs to residents

Group 6: Harrison

NameInstitutionProject Title
Leah Middelberg, MD


Javier Gonzalez del Rey, MD

Nationwide Children’s


Cincinnati Children’s

Fanny, Sanemba AyaTexas Children’s HospitalAnti-racist and anti-colonial content within US global health education curricula
Guernsey, DavidMaimonides Medical CenterThe effect of pretreatment with intravenous lidocaine for intravenous contrast:  A double blinded, randomized-control trial
Hand, GregoryDell Children’s Medical CenterWriting a chapter for a pediatric trauma textbook
Hippolyte, JessicaChildren’s National HospitalBuilding equity in graduate medical education (BEING): Faculty health equity curriculum assessment
Jarrett, SoniaBoston Children’s HospitalPiloting a pediatric emergency care capacity self-assessment tool for low and middle-income country settings: A mixed methods study
Prasad, SwathiMedical College of WisconsinAdvancing anti-racist efforts in pediatric emergency medicine
Rudloff, JamesSt. Louis Children’s HospitalDesign and implementation of an automated antibiotic stewardship program for skin and soft tissue infections
Seegers, MayaKings County HospitalED visits in mothers with breastfeeding difficulties
Wu, AmyJohns HopkinsOptimizing professional interpreter use in the pediatric ED by adding caregiver-initiated access to interpreter services

Group 7: McKinley

NameInstitutionProject Title
Tim Dribin, MD


Rachel Stanley, MD

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital


Nationwide Children’s

Abid, ZaynahNew York Presbyterian/ColumbiaCharacteristics of patients with congenital heart disease presenting to pediatric EDs
Altaqi, AimanRainbow Babies and Children’s HospitalSituational awareness effect on ED throughout and safety
Bhargava, AakiUniversity of LouisvilleUltrasound billing in the Pediatric ED
Foughty, ZacharyTexas Children’s HospitalUnderstanding family preferences for ED interpretation
Junior, JeanBoston Children’s HospitalState-level tax policy and infant mortality in the United States, 1996-2019
Kappy, BrandonChildren’s National HospitalLeaving without being seen from the pediatric ED during the COVID-19 surge
Kemal, SamaaAnn & Robert H. Lurie Children’s HospitalEvaluating the motivation and means for firearm access, carrying and ownership among justice-involved youth
Stanton, BrielleUPMC Children’s Hospital of PittsburghWork-life integration & women in PEM
Valderrama, GisellaCincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical CenterImproving the care of limited English proficiency patients in the ED

Group 8: Madison

NameInstitutionProject Title
Gregory Stewart, MD


Christine Cho, MD

Nationwide Children’s


Children’s Hospital LA

Baker, ArianneBoston Children’s HospitalLeading debrief after clinical events training curriculum
Brissett, AndreJacobi Medical CenterThe effect of incorporating an oropharyngeal GC/CT screen on the detection of GC/Chlamydia infection amongst sexually active pediatric ED patients
Camino, PatriciaMaimonides Medical CenterThe Use of VR in SIM Education
Goli, ShubhiStanford UniversityCharacterizing lactation practices amongst emergency medicine trainees
Gupta, KritiNew York PresbyterianRetrospective validation of new AAP febrile infant guidelines
Keenan, KathrynUpstate Medical UniversityDextrose bolus size for ED management of hypoglycemia
Lalich, MissyMedical University of South CarolinaClinical outcomes using EpiPen Jr vs EpiPen in pediatric patients weighing 15kg to 30kg who present to a Pediatric ED
Nikita NathaUniversity of OklahomaTBD
Momin, ZobiyaChildren’s Healthcare of AtlantaThe use of in situ simulation trauma curriculum to improve acquisition and retention of trauma knowledge

Group 9: Fayette

NameInstitutionProject Title
Adjoa Andoh, MD


Joshua Nagler, MD

Nationwide Children’s


Boston Children’s

Anderson, Anne MarieSt. Louis Children’s HospitalProcedural education for pediatric residents
Adrienne KirbyRainbow Babies and Children’sTracheostomy emergencies: A simulation based approach to improve confidence and performance
Cheng, AdrienneSUNY Upstate University HospitalThe non-visualized appendix on ultrasound:  Which other findings correlate with appendicitis?
Field, MadelineMedical College of WisconsinInteractive survey based assessment as tool for formative assessment of the simulation curriculum “ One Pill Can Kill”- The Beta blocker ingestion: A simulation case for pediatric residents”
Gaw, ChristopherChildren’s Hospital of  PhiladelphiaCharacteristics of fatal poisonings among infants and young children in the US
Greer, ElleMedical University of South CarolinaED boarding time effect on DKA resolution
Perera, NuwanUPMC/ Children’s Hospital of PittsburghInvestigation of CXR utilization in asthma between APP and physicians in the pediatric ED
Strong, TheresaTexas Children’s HospitalPediatric emergency care coordinators in ED and pre-hospital settings
Zharnest, DebraSt. Christopher’s Hospital for ChildrenCharacterization of naloxone induced opioid positive comprehensive drug screening in pediatric patients presenting with altered mental status at an urban, tertiary care children’s hospital

Group 10: Morrow

NameInstitutionProject Title
Todd Chang, MD


Michael Patrick, MD

Children’s Hospital LA


Nationwide Children’s

Carter, CynthiaUniversity of New MexicoImproving pediatric resident leadership resuscitation skills through observation and repetition
Melissa WhiteArkansas Children’s HospitalECLIPSE: Endocrine disrupting chemical longitudinal investigation of pediatric susceptibility and exposure
Hadad, ElitTexas Children’s HospitalExperiences of learners without prior PALS certification in a novel rapid cycle deliberate practice PALS course
Ichwan, DanielRady Children’s Hospital-San DiegoTeaching pediatric emergency medicine with automated simulation
Ismail, AroomaBeaumont HospitalUtility of point-of-care electrolyte testing in urban pediatric ED
Kern, KristinaHelen DeVos Children’sUsing point of care ultrasound for diagnosis of fractures in children
Sanchez, AmaniDell Children’s Medical CenterBroselow tape vs the pedi-stat App: A simulation-based comparison of accuracy and efficiency of medication administration in pediatric emergency resuscitation


Wang, Caroline

Texas Children’s HospitalPediatric out-of-hospital cardiac arrest interventions and pre-hospital return of spontaneous circulation
Yasuda, MotokiVirginia Commonwealth University Medical CenterSmartphone applications for heart rate and respiratory rate measures in children: Comparison with measurements by caregivers and nurses in the pediatric ED

Group 11: Marion

NameInstitutionProject Title
Bashar Shihabuddin, MD


Rebekah Mannix, MD

Nationwide Children’s


Boston Children’s Hospital

Alexander, AmandaBeaumont HospitalHorseback Riding:  Head injuries and helmet use
Boes, MorganChildren’s MinnesotaA non-inferiority study for a new pediatric defibrillator tested on a piglet model
Delacruz, NicolasNYU LangoneAssessing the impact of a helmet distribution program in the pediatric ED
Gorski, JillianAnn & Robert H. Lurie Children’s HospitalVariability in ED imaging of acute stroke
Kushner, IgorUT Southwestern Medical CenterEvaluating the associated injuries in pediatric motor vehicle vs. pedestrian collisions
Meyer, JoshuaBrownDesigned curriculum to teach Ultrasound guided IV placement to Brown Pediatric EM attendings
Ospina Jimenez, CamilaChildren’s Hospital of MichiganUtility of neuroimaging in children presenting to the ED with altered mental status
Romboy, MakaylaEastern Virginia School of MedicineImpact of electronic discharge instructions in the ED on knowledge and perception of concussion
Schillaci, Lori-AnneAtrium Health Wake Forest BaptistDetermining the comfort level of emergency medicine providers when treating patients with inborn errors of metabolism

Group 12: Nationwide A

NameInstitutionProject Title
Mary Clyde Pierce, MD


Sandra Spencer, MD

Lurie Children’s


Denver Children’s

Athale, AbhaNationwide Children’sHealthcare utilization patterns of immigrant adolescents – mental health
Awad, LilianChildren’s Hospital of MichiganPrehospital providers’ knowledge, recognition and documentation of child abuse and neglect: a systematic review
McCorsum, CrystalArkansas Children’s HospitalEvaluation of soft tissue injuries
Guess, KatherineTexas Children’s HospitalLife after the ED:  Stress disorders and resiliency in pediatric trauma patients
Harhay, RanaLe Bonheur Children’s HospitalIs failure to thrive a predictor of future child abuse and neglect?
Lam, DanielChildren’s Hospital of ColoradoOutcome differences within pediatric patient seen through intake
Toor, GavelyUniversity of OklahomaTBD
Shapiro, JosephBoston Medical CenterEvaluating for supervisory neglect following unintentional injury: equitability and effectiveness of current practices in a pediatric ED
Thrash, JuliaUT Southwestern Medical CenterAdolescent and caregiver attitudes regarding confidential reproductive healthcare in the pediatric ED

Group 13: Nationwide B

NameInstitutionProject Title
Charles Macias, MD


Laura Rust, MD

University Hospitals/Rainbow Babies

  Nationwide Children’s

Chang, CindyCincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical CenterDevelopment of a pediatric emergency education needs assessment tool for community EDs
Chen, ChristieNew York Presbyterian/ColumbiaUse of patient health portals in the pediatric ED
Davis, MichelleMaimonides Medical CenterIs your affiliated community ED pediatric ready?  A quality improvement project
Lenehan, CarleeSt. Louis Children’s HospitalRandomized control trial comparing intranasal Toradol and Intranasal Sumatriptan combination vs. IV Toradol use in pediatric ED for migraine headaches
Mackin, CharlesChildren’s Hospital at MontefioreUtility of troponin in evaluation of chest pain in a pediatric ED
Pintea, MichelleSt. Louis Children’s HospitalMetrics scorecard usefulness survey:  regional metrics pertinent for children and families in the disaster cycle
Rummings, KelliChildren’s Hospital of GeorgiaAn assessment of physician responsiveness to the pediatric stoplight pain score
Tan, Y. TinaSeattle Children’s HospitalEvaluation of a new operational/clinical pathway in the pediatric ED and its impact on flow and outcomes
Ugwu, ChidiebereChildren’s Healthcare of AtlantaClinical practice guidelines in pediatric ED: Evaluation of development and implementation across institutions

Group 14: Garfield

NameInstitutionProject Title
Sue Fuchs, MD

Alex Kemper, MD MPH
Lurie Children’s Hospital

Nationwide Children’s 
Capito, KristenLe Bonheur Children’s HospitalPediatric readiness scores and potentially avoidable transfers:  A single center experience
Haywood, MaryChildren’s Mercy HospitalOutpatient emergency preparedness
Hunter, ZacharyWakehealth/Breener Children’s HospitalNon-visualization of the appendix on pediatric ultrasound: single-center review on contributing variables
Ligorski, CeliaNationwide Children’sCharacterization of ED post-intubation sedation practices
Natesan, Sinthumathi  UCSF Benioff Children’s HospitalA qualitative analysis to understand the factors contributing to acute stress in the ED using critical incident interviewing technique
Oh, AndrewChildren’s Hospital ColoradoPediatric damage control surgery from Iraq and Afghanistan: The most common OR interventions from 2007-2016
Quidgley, MariaChildren’s Hospital of PhiladelphiaInvestigating language-based disparities in children at risk for central line associated bloodstream infections
Rojas, ChristinaChildren’s National HospitalUnderstanding the impact of limited English proficiency on pediatric resuscitation experiences and outcomes: a mixed methods study
Wright, ChrisNationwide Children’sEvaluation of disaster medicine training amongst PEM programs

Group 15: Grant

NameInstitutionProject Title
Lise Nigrovic, MD MPH

Henry Wang, MD MPH
Boston Children’s Hospital

Ohio State University
Bunke, CarissaUniversity of MichiganAssessing injury patterns in a national cohort of summer camps
Chen, SarahNationwide Children’sValidating the EDWIN score in free-standing community pediatric EDs
Emmanuel, MickeyChildren’s National HospitalPerspectives of family and patients with asthma in the ED: A qualitative study focused on equity
Gonzalez, FrankChildren’s Hospital Los AngelesClimatic effects on the presentation of patients with sickle cell disease to pediatric EDs for vaso-occlusive crisis
Hammett, DeborahNemours Children’s HospitalEvaluation of EKG changes in pediatric Lyme arthritis
Regas, NicoIndiana University School of MedicineDiagnosis and management of neonatal herpes simplex infection in the ED
Rineer, StephenCincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical CenterIncidence of and risk factors for bacteremia in children with sickle cell disease presenting to the ED with fever in a large national cohort
Wilson, TimothyDell Children’s Medical CenterComparison of infant lumbar puncture success rates with conventional spinal needles in the pediatric ED
Kling, DavidNationwide Children’sPediatric emergency medicine fellows (PEM) training to become bedside teachers: A national survey of PEM fellows and program directors